Starts:  Jun 1, 2021 09:00 AM (ET)
Ends:  Sep 1, 2021 11:00 PM (ET)

CHEMTREC® is the world’s leading source of 24/7 call center support and information during hazardous materials incidents. For nearly 50 years, their engagement with emergency responders around the world has been the engine that drives their success. In light of that relationship, CHEMTREC has partnered with the NVFC to award $10,000 to five volunteer fire departments in the U.S. that are also members of the NVFC. The awards are intended to help the fire departments enhance their response capabilities and increase local preparedness to respond to and prepare for hazardous materials incidents.

As part of CHEMTREC’s 50th Anniversary celebration $50,000 will be provided in 2021 for the CHEMTREC HELP Awards. 

Click here for details and a link to the award application.