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  • Posted in: Open Forum

    Thank You all for the replies. I will look into your suggestions.  We have discussed raising the tax assessment to cover costs and not bill but then the residents have to shoulder the cost for nonresident incidents and I don't think that is very fair ... More

  • Posted in: Open Forum

    Thank you, Arthur--I appreciate the help and info! ------------------------------ Sarah Kollat State College PA ------------------------------ More

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    Posted in: Open Forum

    Our department just enters information directly into NFIRS and it does not cost the department anything to use. As the lowest funded in our county it certainly saves us a few pennies. ------------------------------ Jim Roberts | Lieutenant Mount Pleasant ... More

  • Posted in: Open Forum

    Hey Lyle, We are using Fire Recovery USA. We have had the same issue. We have started billing the individuals, it is not something we have wanted to do but normally when the individual sends it to the insurance company then they will pay it. ------------------------------ ... More

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