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    Thank you for your response and sharing the these great resources plus the info about the shatterproof windows. Will be on the look out on future responses. David Cave

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    USFA's theme this month is CRR , check it out... You can also find free CRR Resources at Vision 20/20 ...guides, videos, CRR Materials Generator, CRR Radio podcast and more! Ed Comeau ------------------------------ Edward Comeau Belchertown MA - ...

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    RE: Helmet Type

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    Patrick, Here in the Northeast, this is one of those topics, like the color of a fire truck, that prides itself on 200+ years of tradition unimpeded by progress. With that said, I went against the grain. We started introducing* the Euro (blasphemy). ...

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    Get to know your fellow NVFC members! PETER SHEDD - BERNARDSTON FIRE DEPARTMENT, MA Years ago, Peter Shedd worked for the highway department and responded to emergency ...

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