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  • Posted in: Open Forum

    The closest NFIRS codes are (I agree with @Brad Fiore )   https://www.responserack.com/nfirs/element/incident-type-38/#service-call-group​ That said, I do believe this is covered here under the NFIRSgram "When Is an Incident Not an Incident?" (Edit: ... More

  • Posted in: Open Forum

    Hi All: To clarify a few of the issues about volunteers being employees.  We need to be aware that when we use the term volunteer firefighter, we tend to be using it in a non-legal or common usage -- we have a cultural image.  I think we are generally ... More

  • Posted in: Open Forum

    Leave it to UT.   GO VOLS! This is a great bit of knowledge. ------------------------------ Blake Bowers Asst Chief Monaville Fire Department Emergency Manager for hire 5.11 Mercenary ------------------------------ More

  • Posted in: Open Forum

    Dennis, Congratulations on retiring.  Life is short.  No one ever said on their deathbed that they wished they spent more time at work! ------------------------------ Howard Cohen, rabbi Deputy Chief (ret.) howard.cohen@africafiremission.org Africa ... More

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